A Manifesto for Curious Times

 Fear is a primal human emotion – and so is love. Humans naturally create connections,
communities and shared purpose with empathy and compassion. We are meaning making beings
who are energized and animated by our relationships, passions and values. We are curious and
creative storytellers who can envision, transform and become something new.

And so, we offer an invitation in the form of a question: What is possible when we choose love
over fear?

We Believe …

We are better together

We are here to love, laugh, learn, and create together

We succeed best by helping others succeed

Every person has a unique gift to contribute to the health and abundance of the whole

Understanding comes before agreement

Multiple questions can be more powerful than any single answer

Dialogue can change everything; if I can see through your perspective – and you through mine –
we may both discover something we would never have found alone

Story telling is a powerful means for creating shared understanding and connection. Stories help us make sense of complex information and situations in ways that can surface shared interests,
diffuse conflict, and imagine into the future

The problems and opportunities we face today are far more complex than any one of us can figure
out on our own; we need to think collectively and act collaboratively

The ability to understand systems is critical to creating sustainable change

It’s more important to be interested than interesting

To be present, curious, and listening deeply is one of the greatest gifts you can give another. It builds connection, trust, and influence.

The quality of our relationships with others reflects our relationship with ourselves.

Leadership and engaged citizenship are the authentic expression of oneself, strategically applied;
leadership development starts from the inside out

Leadership is who you are when no one is looking

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty

Courage is what happens when love conquers fear

Purpose, power, and action – rooted in love – expand our capacities to play a bigger game.

That power with, and power among, serves more than power over.

In healthy workplaces, people are encouraged to bring their whole selves

Work should be a meaningful experience connected to a shared purpose

We can’t always plan and analyze our way into an uncertain and unpredictable future. Instead, we
can experiment, play, and perform our way forward, in a way that expands our learning and capacity.

To pursue our best, we need to play and stretch outside our comfort zone

The art of unlearning is a pathway to our learning

We play, perform and practice into who we are becoming

Sorrow and joy are integral to each other. The secret of Joy’s potency is to transform and heal, see beyond the shallows, and bring vitality and renewed energy to our lives.

Forgiveness is a profound act of letting go, a giant leap of faith and a virtue of the highest order. Beginning with yourself

Creating the space to choose sets us free

Beauty is everywhere if we choose to see it

We need to do more than just adapt and survive – we must evolve and thrive.

So, we invite you to practice everyday

… trusting yourself.

… letting love, not fear, be your guide!

… giving a little more than you take.

… doing it just for the fun of it.

… listening more than you speak.

… coming together to work, learn, create, play and love.

… looking for better questions, instead of better answers.

… connecting, being curious, and understanding.

… feeling afraid and doing it anyways.

… learning instead of being right.

… taking leaps of faith!