Our Services

Customized Leadership Development

We know every organization and culture is unique and off-the-shelf approaches won’t work.

We research, design and facilitate developmental programs and experiences focused on both individual and team leadership.

We will partner with you to co-create programs that result in tangible organizational outcomes and future-ready leaders.

Culture Change

An organization’s leaders both define and are the products of their culture, and most of that is unwritten, learned tacitly, and discovered slowly.

We help uncover and codify organizational culture using a variety of research methodologies, including culture audits, interviews and storytelling.

We help you clarify your values, the guiding principles you live by, and the language and stories that truly reflect your organization.

Strategy & Planning

Most strategy fails because it is developed in isolation by a relatively small group of leaders and executed by a much larger group who don’t sufficiently understand how the strategies relate to their role.

We help clarify direction in ways that efficiently engage the larger population of stakeholders.

We’ll consult with you on your strategy and practices, and help you re-define your organization, division, and team’s purpose, vision and strategy. Plus, we’ll help you plan how to achieve it with lasting success.


We believe that the right question at the right time is the most powerful act of leadership. Telling others what to do and how to do it directs activity; asking a powerful question directs thinking, builds self-awareness, sharpens skills, surfaces possibilities and helps open the door to transformation.

We support individual leaders and teams in creating better results through disciplined coaching conversations.

We’ll work with your people as a thinking partner to help identify and overcome barriers to success by surfacing and leveraging the ideas waiting to emerge.

Meetings & Events

Sit, observe, reflect, and let someone else facilitate for you. Whether it’s a one-off meeting or a group retreat – let yourself be totally present.

We’ll help you set priorities, design workshops and content, and ensure that follow-up actions and reporting are reflective of the discussion.

Tools, Assessments & Inventories

Co-Active coaching
Evidence-based Coaching
Ontological Coaching

Personal Strengths (SDI)
Emergenetics Personality Assessment
Leadership Circle Profile
EQ in Action

Barret Values Assessment

PROSCI Change Management
Bridges’ Transitions
Human Systems Dynamics

Alternative Dispute Resolution