Our Story

Our Team

Scott Meadows

Scott’s infectious energy and enthusiasm spring from a passionate commitment to helping people thrive in ways that advance themselves, their organizations and their communities. For over 25 years Scott has been supporting, equipping and emboldening individuals, teams and organizations to achieve outstanding results. In that time, Scott has earned an exceptional reputation as a researcher, workshop leader, meeting and event facilitator, and consultant.

He has worked with all levels of leaders in business, government, academia, local communities, and First Nations. As an entrepreneur, Scott has led start-ups in marketing research and software development, providing invaluable insight into the challenges facing leaders today.

Charles Holmes

Charles Holmes is a cultural anthropologist by education. Over the past 25 years he has pursued projects where the need for understanding and shaping culture through dialogue and inclusion have been critical.

With more than 25 years of experience, Charles has skillfully facilitated projects with clients from health care to forestry and mining, software and pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions and utility firms, government and not-for-profit sectors. The meetings he has designed and facilitated have focused on innovation, conflict resolution, community engagement, long range scenario planning and 100’s of strategic planning sessions and other team and group engagements. He has worked with multi-national corporations in many settings throughout North America, Mexico, Asia, Europe and Saudi Arabia.

Danae Johnson

Danae Johnson (CEC, CPHR, PCC) has over 25 years’ experience guiding leaders, teams and progressive organizations to improve results, impact and leadership capacity through coaching, leadership development and values-based cultural transformation. She has coached over 350 executives and professionals from the public and private sectors since 2005, with a focus on creating positive change and greater personal & professional fulfillment. She has designed and facilitated highly customized leadership workshops and programs.  

Believing deeply in creating values-based community, Danae is an inaugural member of both the Canadian Values Alliance and the Global Values Alliance, co-host of the ‘Canadian Values Café’ in Vancouver, co- author of A World Book of Values, co-author of “A Values-Based Culture Takes One Company from Good to Great” article (HR Voice) and author of “Translating the Rapid Transformation of Our Values into Possibilities’ (Vision Coaching blog).

Geoff Scales

Geoff is an experienced Leadership and Organization Development consultant who is passionate about leadership, team development, executive coaching, and culture transformation. He helps his clients develop people and add value for their organizations. He challenges leaders to raise their leadership consciousness in order to increase impact and drive performance. He increases team and leader effectiveness and helps create great workplaces. 

Geoff has spent 15 years designing and delivering Leadership and Organization Development programs for clients in North America. He works with all levels of leadership, from C-suite through to front-line supervisors and has facilitated 1200+ workshops since 2005. 

Geoff’s certifications include Executive Coaching (ICF – PCC level), Emergenetics Personality Assessment, Myers-Briggs, Leadership Circle Profile, EQ in Action, PROSCI Change Management, Bridges’ Transitions, Human Systems Dynamics and more. 

Prior to entering the Leadership Development field, he spent 3 years as an Investment Banker with Morgan Stanley in London, England and 7 years as an Advertising Executive in Vancouver.

Lisa Eckmyn

Lisa brings passion, commitment and 25 years of experience as an organizational development consultant, coach, designer, mother and executive. As a leader and consultant, Lisa partners with others to help them get clear on their own values and the impact they want to create in the world – all in the context of building whole, human and thriving organizations and communities. 

Lisa was the VP and Acting CEO of The Refinery Leadership Partners and Executive Director of Pacific Spirit School. She is part of this collaborative team supporting leaders committed to elevating leadership consciousness and organizational purpose. Lisa also convenes Liminal Passages, a project designed to increase self-awareness and relational capacity in youth to move with greater grace and grit through the liminal journey into adulthood. 

Lisa works locally and internationally with clients from across a range of industries. She holds a master’s degree in Applied Behavioural Science, a diploma in Adult Education, and certificates in Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Ontological and Organizational Coaching.

Valerie Nishi

Valerie Nishi (PhD, MBA, MA, BSc) partners with clients world-wide to create environments and experiences for connection, insight, wise action and life-affirming possibilities. In her view, this is critical as leaders disband outdated structures and strategies and re-envision sustainable human systems relevant for the 21 Century.

Valerie led the consulting practice at Refinery Leadership Partners and brings 25 years of business and leadership experience in the telecommunications, energy and professional services sectors.  She is a certified coach, consultant, and research/educator.  In addition to being a member of the Shore Group, Valerie is Principal of Tidewater Leadership and Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University. Her research focus includes aesthetic learning in leadership development, liminal transitions in complex environments and virtual workplace culture.

Valerie co-founded the Women’s Leadership Foundation and led the innovative design of leadership forums engaging over 3,000 participants. She serves on the board of Dream Rider Productions, empowering youth to lead social and environmental transformation.

Our Name

The dictionary defines a shore as the boundary between land and water – a place of transition. At the very heart of our practice is the process of transition.

A shore is also defined as a support; to shore up something or someone, and this idea defines our own servant leadership.

Within our human story, shores represent beginnings and endings of great journeys, arrivals and farewells, safe harbours and gateways to bold adventures.  They are places of apprehension and joy, uncertainty and comfort, risk and safety.  

In the past, leaving the certainty of land for an uncertain horizon required curiosity, conviction and courage. Today, these same qualities are required for the journeys of leadership development and organizational transformation.

We are passionate about helping you discover the possibilities beyond the horizon.

The Shore Group is passionate about the possibilities beyond the horizon.

Our Culture & Values

The world is changing fast.
We can do more than simply adapt and survive.
We can evolve and thrive.

Our mission is to help organizations and the people within them become better versions of themselves, achieve better results, and contribute to a better world.

Our Values


We delight in being of service, are passionate about our work and strive to sustain a positive impact in all we do.


We are on a mission. We will challenge you and your team to think bigger – and to become better.


We are fiercely compassionate. We understand the amazing things that bring us together and the challenges that threaten to drive us apart.


We care about the big picture and the details – and we bring clear, tangible results.


We are possibility-minded and deeply curious. We find opportunities to challenge the status quo and the habits, thoughts and behaviours that lead us to simply survive rather than thrive.


We embrace the complexity of systems and the ways in which small changes can have great impact.

Here’s how we can help

Clarify Direction

We’ll help your organization and internal teams to define purpose, vision, strategy, initiatives, and plans.

Define Culture

We’ll help you focus on who you want to be by identifying values, developing guiding principles, sharing important stories, and shifting behaviour.

Accelerate Leadership

An organization’s leaders both define and are the products of their Direction and Culture. We’ll accelerate their growth and development in a constantly shifting and rapidly changing environment.