Russel Hamilton

As an experienced and dedicated executive development coach, Russel Hamilton leverages his extensive background in the performing arts, broadcasting, teaching, and consulting. With a wealth of experience, he brings a unique perspective and skill set to his role.  Russ has crafted a communication framework that uniquely integrates his expertise in coaching with his background as a radio host and theater actor in NYC.

Russ is the founder of Connection Lab, a distinguished training and development company specializing in communication, presentation, and leadership development.

For over 15 years, through Connection Lab workshops and executive coaching programs, Russ has successfully guided numerous professionals worldwide to unlock their potential as effective team leaders and keynote presenters. Connection Lab also offers a training program for facilitators in the Connection Lab methodology.

Russ is committed to fostering a world of great communicators for both business success and community development. In addition to his corporate pursuits, Russ volunteers with local ESL programs for refugees and offers community Acting Classes for Non-Actors.

Outside his professional life, Russ enjoys riding and maintaining his two vintage motorcycles and loves to play golf when he can. Currently he lives in North Vancouver, BC, with his wife Carolyn and their cat Leo