Esther Jaang

Esther is deeply committed to supporting leaders, organizations, and communities to move continuously towards balance, alignment, and vitality. She does this by collaborating with leaders to help them identify and create the impact they wish to make in their teams and organizations. She approaches leadership coaching from a systemic perspective and invites diverse ways of knowing, including information from thoughts and beliefs, emotions and intuition, the body, and sociocultural contexts.

As a coach, Esther partners with leaders to create the impact they wish to have on themselves, their team, and their results. This involves helping leaders shift from default emotional, behavioural and interpersonal patterns, to consciously developing new ways of being in alignment with their vision.

Esther draws on her expertise as a consultant and counsellor, and her former experiences as a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) to offer a unique perspective to her clients. She has also worked with diverse teams in Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile and Singapore.

Esther has a BBA in Human Resources with a minor in Marketing from Simon Fraser University, and a certificate in coaching from Integral Coaching Canada. She is currently completing an academic thesis as part of the MA Counselling Psychology program at Adler University.